Titan Access and Safety Systems

Hallweld Bennett's Titan Access and Safety Systems division specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and certification of Access Safety Systems to meet our clients needs in the workplace in conforming to Australian Standards AS1657 and AS/NZS1891 as well as the Occupational Health and Welfare Act and Regulations.

Roof safety systems, fall arrest systems, safety bollards, platforms, ladders, walkways, handrail systems and height safety systems are some of the minimum requirements to ensure a safe work environment in confined and difficult spaces.

Our Titan access equipment and safety systems include protection on the ground, vertical access, horizontal access, protection at heights and installation services.

We not only provide the access & safety systems, but also solutions including appropriate levels of training and support to use the system properly. We have our own dedicated installation teams with all the appropriate equipment including in-house truck cranes.

Titan Access and Safety Systems... Putting Your Safety First