Titan Rescue Pole

Don't put yourself at risk trying to help a colleague without the right equipment.

The Titan Rescue Pole will enable you to attach to someone who is suspended by a fall-arrest system and then raise or lower them to a point of safety. The system has been designed to enable a rescue to take place without putting further staff in danger by descending to a fallen colleague.

The following simple steps enable a rescue to be carried out.

  1. Remove the Rescue Pole from its storage tube and release the velco straps
  2. Insert the Karabiner into the extension pole and clip
  3. Attach the Karabiner at the other end to an anchorage point, using the yellow sling as required
  4. Extend the pole and pulleys
  5. Reach down and slip the Karabiner through the harness D-ring and pull to release from the pole
  6. Pull on the free end of the pulley system to raise the person or, if the person is to be lowered, let the pulley system down
  7. Pack the system away in readiness for next time

More Information

Please contact Hallweld Bennett on 08 8364 3062 or via email sales@hallweld.com.au for pricing, more information or technical assistance regarding Titan Rescue Pole.

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