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Corporate Profile - Access Equipment :: Access Systems Design

Hallweld Bennett

Hallweld Bennett Pty Ltd commenced operation for designing access systems & access equipment in 1987 following the merger of two well known businesses which had been active in the engineering industry for many years.

Hallweld Engineers, which was started by Alfred Hall in 1905 supplying goods to the mines in Broken Hill, grew over the years and, through an innovative approach to business and technology, became one of the pioneers of Electric Arc Welding in Australia. The company designed and manufactured its own machinery for the production of reinforcing mesh, sheep fencing and chain wire mesh.

During World War Two, walkway gratings were hand made for use in many industrial and commercial areas and later in the ships which were produced in Whyalla by BHP. Walkway grating fabrication continues today as a major part of our business.

Today, Hallweld Bennett operates out of premises in St Morris in Adelaide's eastern suburbs. The company has built its reputation on an innovative approach, sound experience and a high regard for the quality of our access systems design, access equipment, products and our attention to the requirements of our customers.

Titan Total Access and Safety Systems

TITAN, a division of Hallweld Bennett Pty Ltd, specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and certifying of Access Safety Systems to meet our client’s needs in conforming to Australian Standards AS1657 and AS/NZS1891 as well as the Occupational Health and Welfare Act and Regulations. For many years, Hallweld Bennett Pty Ltd has been providing platforms, walkways, ladders and handrail systems to our customers. Now under the Titan name, we have expanded our range of products with height safety and confined space entry equipment.

TITAN have the skills to assist you in providing safe access and ongoing maintenance, service, inspection and re-certification.