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Roof Access & Safety Systems - Sloping Roof

The PDFs attached to this page are specific to sloping roof installations. This section should be read in conjunction with Roof Walkway Systems - Standard Installations.


  • Roofways is produced using galvanised materials to provide the most economical application. However, where required, alternatives in aluminium and stainless steel materials can be produced.


  • Roofways forms a serrated non slip 600mm wide walkway to provide stable, safe access to roof mounted equipment and services. It will fit to most roofing materials, generally running parallel or at 90 degrees to the ribs of roofing sheeting.


  • Fabricated bearers, braces and bracketry are hot dip galvanised to AS4680.
  • Handrail components are hot dip galvanised to AS4680.
  • Walkway planks are supplied fabricated from galvabond sheet steel.


  • Roofways has been developed to comply with Australian Standard AS1567- Fixed platforms, walkways, stairs, and ladders.


  • Support brackets are spaced at 1500mm maximum centres and fixed to the roof sheeting ribs with M8 Rawlnut (or similar) fasteners.
  • Planks are bolted together in pairs with M8 bolts at 600mm maximum centres and fixed to supports with No. 12x20mm self drilling screws. Joints between plank sections are to be located within 150mm of, and include support brackets either side of, the splice with splice plates to the outside of the planks.
  • All walkways within 2 metres of a unprotected edge to include handrails.
  • Handrails to be assembled onto walkway after planks except for walkways across roofs, where handrail posts are integral with supports.

At conclusion of installation of roof access systems and at regular intervals on larger installations of roof safety systems, remove all metal swarf and clean away other debris to ensure roof coating is not damaged.

Ensure roofing material is protected from sparks or burns from all cutting, grinding and welding. For roofs that do not allow welding, handrails can be assembled using taper pins.

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